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Flexible class times

After decades of teaching evening classes after work, we are now able to offer flexible class times.  The COVID era has shown us that online learning works. Locations and time zones are not a barrier to learning karate and kobudo. NIKK has members from British Columbia to Ontario to Texas.

Who are these classes for?

NIKK Dojo New Students

New Students to Karate or Kobudo

Some members have held a long time interest in karate or kobudo but typical dojo hours with work and life commitments made it difficult to start. With our flexible times and format they are now able to pursue their interest.

NIKK Experienced Karateka Kobudo

Experienced Karateka Interested in Kobudo

Some of our students are experienced karate sensei themselves who are deepening their kobudo practice for their own enjoyment and development, and to add the Shimbukan program to their dojo. If you are interested in this path, please contact us.

Osensei Shimabukuro Students

Former Students of Shimabukuro Sensei

We are often contacted by practitioners of Shimabukuro sensei's karate who want to continue, or expand on their knowledge of his kata, kumite and jujutsu. Now that we have incorporated online teaching into our program, time and distance are no longer a barrier and we welcome you to our online dojo.


No, you aren’t too old. In Okinawa people often start after retirement, when they have more free time. You can start at any age and practice for the rest of your life.

We don’t. Most dojos have children’s programs, so there are a lot of other opportunities for kids. We offer an adult only environment.

No. Everyone starts where they start and develops from there. Moving feels good and is good for you. Instruction is tailored to individual development.


  • The repetition and mental focus involved in practice transcends day to day stress, and students often say how good they feel after class. Many see kata practice as a moving meditation.
  • It’s fun to learn something new, and keeping your brain and body active is good for mental stamina and longevity.
  • Making incremental gains in practice creates a sense of well-being.
  • The dojo is a community where everyone helps you do your best.

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you have everything you need and we will walk you through setting up your online training.

Fees are dependent on how many days per week, in person or online, private or small group instruction. Contact us and we’ll talk about which class format works best for you.

Send us an email or give us a call. Whether you’ll be coming to the dojo or training from your home, starting karate or kobudo will determine what you need. Most people just need a gi (karate uniform) and the enthusiasm to learn something new.

Yes and no. The owner of Toyei Productions is a partner in NIKK Dojo. In the future we will be offering a digital format of Shimabukuro sensei’s DVD through NIKK Dojo.

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